Excursions & activities

in the region






Santillana del Mar


Castro Urdiales

Santander, the capital of
Cantabria, is blessed with beautiful surroundings, which attract many
visitors who can also sunbathe in one of the city’s beaches.

Get back to medieval times
visiting one of the most beautiful and famous villages in Spain. You can
also visit an extraordinary replica of the Altamira cave.

Comillas is one of the
most beautiful villages in Cantabria. It contains a majestic architectural
collection including some Gaudi’s designs.

Castro Urdiales is a
fishing village. Its castle and parish church, date from the Middle Ages.
The town is popular because of its beaches and scenic harbor.





San Vicente

El Soplao

Picos de Europa


There are very nice
villages in the coast that you should visit, like San Vicente de la
Barquera.A perfect spot to taste the best fish dishes around.

It’s a unique cavern, an
authentic natural “paradise” of striking formations, creating a
show of lights and shadows, sensations, colours and smells.

It’s one of the most
spectacular mountain ranges in the world where you can do a bit of trekking
and discover Potes, Picos de Europa’s medieval capital.

In a spectacular limestone
based landscape, extracted by mining there are over 100 different species
to be observed, living “semi-wild” in large expanses of land.






Valles pasiegos



Campoo is the origin of river Ebro: At the top of
the valley you can find Alto Campoo ski resort. There is also a huge water
reservoir & impressive Roman ruins.

Pas river has made this valley special and their
people have a special way of living up in the mountains.
You can also find the baroque
Palacio de Soñanes.

Burgos is a famous capital in Castilla. It has a
gothic cathedral and numerous monuments in the town centre.
You can also visit the
Monasterio de las Huelgas

Bilbao is an industrial city which hosts the
Gughenheim museum.


You can spend your spare time with us doing many different things. While
you are not taking your formal lessons you can do some things without having
to spend a single “penny”. This area is great for trekking lovers;
there are easy and medium difficulty level walks for all kind of people. At
the moment we have two mountain bikes that are available for you to use.
There are other things you may fancy doing at a reasonable price.

Some activities can be organised by us while for other activities we will
have to contact third parties. If you are interested please do not hesitate
to ask about it.

Activities in & around
the house





Spanish cooking

Traditional bowling


Vias Verdes

Learn how to cook Spanish traditional dishes.
Usually we teach people how to cook the “tortilla de patatas” and
other traditional recipes.

Play regional bowling: “bolos”. You can
also use some of our games, like Spanish card games, which are perfect for
a rainy day.

You have impressive and easy walks around.
However, if you prefer, you can enjoy the slopes and the great views of the
surrounding mountains.

Enjoy 34Kms. of an old railway track, which has
been restored for easy walks or for riding one of our bikes along the river





Visiting the villages


Prehistoric Caves

Fishing & Walking

Meet Spanish people at one
of the six villages around the house.
Visit Aés, Hijas, Corrobárceno, Puente Viesgo, Las
Presillas or Vargas.

Enjoy one of the most
famous spas in Spain within a kilometre. The Spanish football
team have enjoyed the pleasures of Puente Viesgo spa.

Humans have been living
around Puente Viesgo since 200.000 years ago. The caves hold paintings from
15,000 years ago and they are a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The Pas is the main salmon
and trout fishing preserve of the region. However, you just can have a
stroll along the river and watch many birds like king fishers.





La Liga matches

Casino & Arts



Racing de Santander plays
in La Liga and the UEFA cup. Watch Real Madrid, Man City, Barça, Valencia,
etc. playing at El Sardinero stadium.

I bet you will like the
elegance of Santander’s Casino. You can also enjoy classical music, opera,
etc. at the Palacio de Festivales.

Play at Seve Ballesteros
birthplace and practice on one of the courses designed by the famous Ryder
Cup captain at Mataleñas Golf Course.

Skiing is available just
40 miles from our house. Alto Campóo Ski Resort has got more than 30 Km. of
slopes with a vertical drop of 2.125 m.






Mountain sports

Horse riding

Go karting

You could also sail in 
beautiful Santander’s bay where the Spanish Olympic Sailing team is based.

Due to the geographical
conditions of the region you can practice all sort of sports like trekking,
rafting, canoeing, etc.

Riding a Spanish horse
across the mountains can become an excellent and relaxing way of spending a
day out.

There is an indoor Go-Kart
quite close to our house where you can practice your driving skills.

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