6 Days Spanish Course Testimony

Day 1

Everyone….we had a really easy flight out with no turbulence and beautiful
clear skies. It was lovely to see the snow capped mountains just as we came
into land. We missed seeing the King and Queen of Spain by seconds as they were
boarding their plane as we came into land!We had a typical Spanish dish
‘tortilla’ for dinner with lettuce fresh from Merche and Fernando`s garden.

It is very
hot here too…just like England!

We will add
some photos and maybe some video tomorrow.

Love from
the Spanish crew!

Day 2

morning we had our first Spanish lesson of the week with Merche. We learnt the
alphabet, how to spell our names and revised things such as colours and
numbers. When we had finished our Spanish lesson we had free time until lunch.
Most of the girls explored the grounds and sunbathed, whilst the boys were
playing snooker and table top football. After having chicken and chips for
lunch, we then got ready to venture to Puente Viesgo. We walked beside the
river and got ice-creams and watched people jumping off the bridge into the
lake. When we arrived in the village we saw a water pump and we all took turns
washing our hands and cooling ourselves down in the icy, cold mountain water.
After a few minutes walking we came across a park which we decided to have a
play in. Next to the park is the old station house which had a disused train
parked outside which we were allowed to play on and had our pictures taken (we
will try to upload them tomorrow). We walked back and are waiting to have our
pizza supper. We all can’t wait until tomorrow because we are catching a bus to
Santander for shopping, more ice-creams, the beach and a boat trip! Having
problems uploading the videos…will try again tomorrow.

Have fun in
maths and English! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Day 3:

Today we
took the bus into Santander town centre and boarded a small cruiser for a
lovely trip around the bay. The weather is still glorious and we are all
looking very healthy. After that we enjoyed our picnic lunch in the Magdalena
Park and met with lots of Spanish children who were also having fun. Then we
went to the beautiful sandy beach for a paddle and castle building. The beach
was empty when we arrived around 2pm but was packed by the time we left around
4.30ish. Merche and Fernando took us to see the hungry seals who were about to
have their fish supper. We also saw some sea lions and cheeky penguins! After a
short bus ride back into the city Merche treated us all to a wonderful double
scoop ice-cream – yum-yum. We arrived back home at 8pm tired, noisy and ready
for our supper. PS Mrs Sutherland had the fortunate experience of being blessed
by a Spanish pigeon with a dodgy stomach!! (It is supposed to be good luck so
she received her gift with good humour – luckily kind Michael had packed some
super strength detergent in his suitcase!)

Day 4:

Today in
our Spanish lessons we learnt how to say where we live. We also learnt
different animal names in preparation for our trip to Cabarceno Park tomorrow.
Then we went out to the basketball court and it was too hot to play so we just
sat in the shade. For lunch we had homemade lentil soup which some of us
thought was wonderful! As well as that, we had chicken fajita and fresh fruit
salad. After that we had a short rest and then we had an interesting walk up to
the prehistoric caves. In the caves we saw paintings from 30,000 years ago.
Most of them were bisons, deer and handprints. In the caves it was cold and
damp. It has a constant temperature of 14 degrees celcius and humidity of 85%.
The main part of the cave was excavated from 1903 funded by the prince of
Monaco. We walked back to the village to buy ice creams and souvenirs. We waked
onwards to the park where we played for a few a minutes.  Evening meal tonight was prehistoric animal
nuggets with chips. We are keeping our fingers crossed that is doesn’t rain too
much tomorrow as we are going to the wildlife park and the weather forecast
isn’t very good. All for now more tomorrow. Adios!

Day 5:

anticipated a really wet day today as the weather forecast had predicted heavy
showers for the region. Fortunately the rain only arrived this evening after we
had returned from Cabarceno Wildlife Park. We were picked up from the house at
11.30am after having first had our lessons. Today we were learning the names of
body parts. We also did some more singing and dancing. We really enjoy the song
called Vuela la luna. The minibus took us on the short journey to Cabarceno and
we just had time to get to the arena for the Birds of Prey display which
started at 12.15pm. We waited eagerly for the first birds to appear and when
they did we shrieked with excitement as they swooped over our heads. We saw a
whole range of birds from vultures to eagles and black kites. The keepers were
throwing bits of meat for some of the birds to catch and some of these landed
in amongst the crowd and the birds came right onto the seats! It was a little
scary but good fun and lovely to see the birds so close up. After the birds we
had lunch. In the picnic area there were lots of children and teenagers having
their lunch and we got chatting with some of them and they took a group photo
of all of us.


After lunch
we went into a mini cinema to see a very sad film about conservation and
ecology and learnt some scary information about animals that are hunted for
their furs and about carelessness that causes the death of other animals. For
example, Pepe was a hand reared elephant that had been in Cabarceno who died at
four years of age when he swallowed plastic bags that visitors had dumped.


Then we got
back onto the minibus for our safari around the park. We drove short distances
and stopped off to see lots of different animals bears, lions, tigers, giraffe
etc. We loved the bears…there are 60 brown bears living in the bear enclosure
which was a huge mountainy area. It was quite difficult to spot them as they
were camouflaged against the reddishbrown rock. There were two young bears who
looked like they were having a wrestling match as they were standing on their
back legs playfighting. We decided they should be put on a stage 5 for using
hands and feet.


We also saw
an amazing sealion display. The music before the show was very lively and there
were lots of Spanish children dancing in their seats…it looked like fun. The
first sealion was called Lucas and he was almost blind but he was fantastic. He
waved and clapped and smiled (yes really) and did a few other things. The
second sealion was called Patricia and she was even more lively (she was a lot
younger) she managed to do a slow dance and a rock and roll dance with the


Then we
went home after visiting the shop which was really expensive although some
people did buy ┬┤teddies┬┤. Dinner tonight was lasagne and there was also
homemade lemonade. We are all looking forward to going home but we will also
miss Spain.

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